the advent of a sale does not fall on “WHAT” is being sold but on “HOW” it is being sold

The 10X Sales Achievement is about taking any goal you've set for your company or sales team, and multiplying it by 10. So if a goal is to increase revenue by 5%, our program shows you how to increase that goal to 50% increase of revenue.

We guide each individual through our program on dilemmas faced by them personally (in the Executive Coaching setting), thereby addressing actual and real-life situations and eliminating obstacles faced by each individual. Our program emphasizes on the great importance of focus after identifying specific sales goals

We construct a sales funnel and discuss each layer of the funnel to allow participants gain the knowledge of extracting and comparing results periodically, so they may clearly realize areas of growth and areas to reassess.

The sales funnel steps include:

1. Customer Awareness & Understanding of “PRODUCT” by YOU
2. Customer Consideration & Market Research by YOU
3. CLOSING the Deal with Customer & Conversion by YOU
4. Onboarding of Customer & Chance for Cross-Sell by YOU
5. Ongoing Support of Product Advisory

"It's not as much on WHAT you sell. It's more on HOW you sell it".

program benefits

The 10X of the program is NOT about ten times the effort, rather it is about extracting 10 fold due to the laser-focus on productive attributes after identifying individual obstacles. Simple tweaks are capable of 10Xing sales are observed and explained to participants. Since selling is about a transfer of value throughcertain behavior, confidence plays the biggest role in handling high conversion sales. Whether one thinks they can OR they can't, they are right both ways. Participants are guided to work on their character through rehersals and role-playing before the selling attempt with customers, clearing various no-sale scenarios in order to boost their confidence levels.

Participants of the program shall come out with deep knowledge on:

program overview

Explore: You will be able to explore the basics of human behavior within the field of sales, how a value drastically varies depending on percieved situations, while the focus is always on the seller, not the sold.

Engage: You shall engage in the step-by-step design of the sales funnel, identifying each participant’s individual obstacles in selling and guiding each on mindsets to transform their current limiting beliefs.

Execute: Towards the conclusion of this program we conduct simulated situations with role-modeling to assess most of the program material and how it should be mastered through a real-life sales scenario.

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