We help you transform your business and grow

We create an atmosphere that unveils creativity in your team.

We’re here to help. No matter the goal, you need a specific, measurable, and time-bound roadmap to get there. We help identify the right process and show you the best way to implement it.

Any goal with any outcome for any industry has two main consulting and coaching elements: Behavioral and Technical/Tactical.

We guide business leaders and their teams in realizing their loftiest performance goals by challenging their mindset and identifying the bottlenecks within their culture that hinders their path to goal achievement.

Our core values and guiding principles

We conduct Psycho-Cybernetic assessments and create behavioral paths that are congruent with intended goals to reach higher efficacy and faster acheivement of such goals. Our Consultants and Associates are seasoned professionals with vast hands-on experience, regionally and globally, covering almost all commercial industries in business.

Make you the hero

You (and your team) should be the hero of your story. We are guides and coaches who provide the clarity and tools you need to reach your goals.

Progress over perfection

Building a great business is an evolutionary process. Making regular progress allows you to test, course correct and create value faster.

A Focus Leader,,, Cap. Khalid is a master of transformations towards success and excellence, very focused and deeply intentional thru his support.

Khalid Alhosni

Keynote Speaker | Chief Consultant | Spiritual Leader
CEO of K. A. Consultants LLC

Being a founder, CEO and Director of Sales and Marketing for several startups, Khalid explored all facets of business, traditional and online. From raising funds, to team recruitment, to financial operation, to figuring out how to tackle the ever-changing landscape of marketing, his journey never lacked surprises.

Khalid resonates with hundreds of clients through situations drawn from his own experience, operationally and psychologically. A consulting & coaching service is based on TRUST. The more clients develop trust, the more they get out of it.

Joanna Rizou

Transformational Speaker | Coach

“As a keynote speaker, professional coach and trainer, Joanna possesses a strong background in service leadership, mentoring, and professional guidance. She was entrusted to facilitate a leadership and brand management program for an Aviation Group of companies, representing the whole aviation sector, including Guest Experience service training and transformational programs.
Joanna’s qualifications in Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience for learning are applied aptly through her mentoring designs and implementation for KA Consultants’ programs. She is a highly qualified trainer in the field self-development, leadership and communication skills.
Joanna is a recognized expert in transformational performance management and pivotal mindset shift programs”.


Eng. Ali AlSueaidi

Associate of K.A. Consultants – Process Management

Ali has over 22 years of experience in FM industry. He has held a range of operations leadership roles with leading FM corporations and prestigious appointments, including the responsibility for setting up the operations strategy and leading the rollout of the FM program for Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. He is recognized for his ability to infuse structure and growth through strategic initiatives – whether on operations management or business management.

Ali is also a leading industry resource who actively trains young talent on sound FM management across the UAE. He is a frequent speaker at FM and Asset Management conferences and conclaves

Reginal Randall

Associate of K.A. Consultants – Performance Management

Reg is a highly experienced Management Consultant in the FMCG beverage, tissue, and hygiene sectors, with over 20 years of experience of working in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Reg specializes in business turnarounds and in providing expert consulting, research, and actionable go-to-market strategies to clients, including financial due diligence, SWOT analysis, and timely market strategies in the manufacturing, distribution, and B2B/B2C applications.

As President, CEO and Country Manager across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Reg has an enviable track record driving FMCG companies to record levels of sales, market share, and profits – often in difficult or uncharted markets.

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