All businesses AGREE on the need to become customer centric, yet struggle to implement

Most internal cultures are sold to the traditional idea that interaction with customers is seen as Reactive, Sign of Problems, and is strictly the responsibility of customer support teams.

We help clients develop the conviction that customer centricity is not a magic pill, but rather a cultural shift. We then experiment with the main issues confronting them to construct the gateway to Customer Centricity throughout the whole business.

We do that while addressing the main obstacles preventing businesses to adopt any new culture including:
• Societal/Market Norms
• Comfort zones
• Hierarchical Relevance
• Fear of messing what is going well
• Conformity of the internal consumer (employees)
• No full Buy-in from the top management

Emphasis on the importance of verifying collected data with customers

We help businesses with customer journey mapping for physical outlets, online services, and hybrid environments with complete guidance on:

- Steps for defining focus of map regarding customer segment, product segment, product-wise, specifically important issue, etc.

- How to decide on the goal for any specific map and measure it over time

- Periodic intervals for running the mapping process

- Practical and Focused ways to rectify negatives or amplify positives extracted from the map, using transparency-based frameworks to realize desired outcomes

We emphasize on the importance of verifying collected data with customers through the use of NPS and CSAT scores, and customer interactions through all available touchpoints, and customer care centres.

program benefits

These customer centricity benefits are based on an understanding of how customers move in and out of relationships with businesses and the products and services they buy. There is a before, during and after to all these relationships. Our human needs at each of these stages, and specifically at the points of change from one to another are critical to the success of the relationship but also the specific transactions that create value.

program overview

Explore: You will be shown the main obstacles towards customer centricity and ways to remedy them.  You will explore why most companies vouch for being customer centric yet their cultures don’t allow it.

Engage: You will engage in identifying the pre-requisites for setting up customer journey plans from goal fixing to predefined customer segmentation with a clear focus.

Execute: You will construct a full customer journey and execute the customer feedback surveys “Before & After” the assessment period, with clear Key Results to be achieved, ones that are specific, measurable, and time-bound for enhanced measurability of productive efforts.

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