team development is the best tool to improve business culture

When employees communicate and collaborate, it improves their performance, helps resolve conflicts, and enhances respect for each other. As an organization recognizes more talents, it motivates others to do better in their areas of expertise.

Main factors that indicate a team's need to develop greater trust amongst its members:

- Team members conceal their weaknesses and mistakes from one another.
- They hesitate to ask for help or provide constructive feedback.
- A tendency to jump to conclusions about others intentions & aptitudes.
- They tend to gossip, hold grudges and participate in ongoing drama between some team members.

Having any one of the above indicators is an alarm whistle calling for re-evaluation of Trust within a team, sooner rather than later.

behaviors of a winning team

We assess and guide teams through the following crucial behaviors:
• Vulnerability-based Trust
• Conflict Acceptance and Constructive Criticism
• Go with Majority Commitment
• At Ease with Performance Transparency
• Focus on achieving team Results & KPIs

"Each team has its own dynamics and DNA. Figuring this makeup is key to development".

program benefits

Most of the clients we guided through their transformation had one common denominator: Employees lack of understanding or conviction in main business objectives. Though they vary in size and industry, they all have human teams, and with humans, individual behavior makes or breaks any objective out there. Without identifying the underlying behavioral limitations and fixing them, it's a waste of time and effort of company resources, let alone a total loss of focus on the main objectives of the business.

program overview

Explore: Team members shall embark on an exploration journey through their inner beliefs to isolate and alter limiting beliefs residing within them.

Engage: Each team member will be guided to have an inside-out outlook when assessing and engaging in team activities, taking full responsibility over their actions and demeanors.

Execute: Every individual member will be given tasks to lead within the team and are expected to take ownership of the outcome assuming full responsibility on bahalf of the team.

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