transformational leadership is NOT transactional

It is tough in today’s world to embody transformational leadership, especially with the rate of change that takes place every single day. Conversely, sticking to the transactional leadership through hierarchy is now a thing of the past.

We guide leaders from all levels of an organization to embody a transformational leadership method by clearing an organizational path for self-actualization of each member of the organization. This is no easy feat but a very necessary one. Therefore, we assess the leadership culture in an organization and do an internal survey prior to the execution of the program.

the transformational process

We utilise our own copyright “10X Cybernetic TranceFormation Protocol” to first identify cultural limitations towards the businesses top long-term objectives. The success of the transformational process is connected to the following crucially important components:
1. Idealised Influence – Role Modelling & Character.
2. Inspirational Motivation – Vision Sharing & Inclusion
3. Intellectual Stimulation – Setting Objectives & Creativity
4. Personalized Consideration – Careful Listening & Open Discussion with emphasis on Making Leaders out of Followers

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program benefits

Unlike the transactional leadership, which follows the principle of gaining compliance through rewards and punishments, transformational leaders inspire and influence their team through their actions and motivate them to strive ahead outside of their comfort zone. They work with the team to enhance their morale and help unleash their true potential. These positive changes in turn affect the entire business. Transformational leaders are also typically more charismatic and easily gain the trust and loyalty of their team members.

Here are the main benefits of this program:

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program overview

Explore: Participants shall indulge in the exploration of fostering a positive environment and setting high ethical standards through mock setups and case studies.

Engage: Participants shall engage in setting challenging goals and focusing attention on boosting the motivation of employees through various hypothetical scenarios.

Execute:  As a leader, you will be guided to lead through disruption.  Change is happening and happening fast. The democratization of technology means that disruption is both a threat and an opportunity for every business.  We will customize a clear path forward with transformational outcomes that help you see possible, probable and preferred futures to be executed by yourself.

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