Visualize your User journey accurately

The User Journey Map is a tool to visualize the experience of interacting with your brand from the user's point of view. This map is critical because it forces you to look at how your users actually experience your brand versus how you think they do.

A remarkable User experience is critical to the sustained growth of any organization. A positive user experience promotes loyalty, helps you retain users, and encourages brand advocacy. It is the user journey map that allows orderly and cross-departmental knowledge to capture and rectify negative elements and/or boost positive elements.

most benefited
oraganizational sectors

We guide clients by first targeting their main user-problem areas.  We enable their employees to become planning engineers of the User Journey Mapping process.  This User Journey Map is applicable for:

  1. Banks Privileged and Private Clients and RMs
  2. Healthcare Patients and Practitioners/Staff
  3. Hotel Guests and Customer Care Staff
  4. Airlines Passengers, Ground Handling and Crew
  5. Telecom Operators Subscribers & Staff
  6. Government Services Users & Employees

We start our program by having participants identify the problem (focus) area then decide on the goal to be achieved.

program benefits

Our unique strength lie in our modified “Onboarding” step as being key to enhancing all subsequent steps within the user journey map. We have identified specific procedures, when applied, promises to significantly raise users’ tolerance towards unavoidable issues while simultaneously raising users’ net promotion, due to their participation during the onboarding stage, behaving as partners of the service provider.

The benefits participants of this program shall expect include:

program overview

Explore: You will explore the basic setting up of a User / Consumer Journey plan with its goal setup and focus development.  A full construction of the mapping process shall be explained along with methods for gathering necessary data.

Engage: You will be shown and expected to plot gathered data onto the journey canvas through each of the different stages and touchpoints.

Execute: You will complete a full User journey plan with all its aspects and extract user pains to be measured, rectified, and re-measured within a specific time span.

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