Controlled thoughts Boost results

Master Speaker On Behavioral transformation

Cap. Khalid, a Focus Leader

Keynote Speaker - Khalid

A Paradigm Shifter,,, Cap. Khalid draws from his own life synchronicities in developing individual and organizational drive for success and excellence through intentionally focused thoughts and elimination of perceived limitations.

Behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral skills alone explains most of a leader’s job performance and 90% of top performers are high in Behavioral Intelligence.

Employee Engagement

64% of workers are not Engaged and the annual cost of Employee Disengagement worldwide is around $500 billion a year.

Khalid´s Mission

Cap. Khalid Alhosni is a Keynote Speaker who transforms Leaders into Masters of Behavior so they can create the right conditions for high Motivation and Engagement in their teams.

Meet Khalid

Behavioral Intelligence Expert

Captain Khalid helps leaders and teams achieve high performance results using “Behavioral Skills” for employee engagement, customer loyalty and higher returns.

Focus Leader

He is on a life mission to spread the practical knowledge that every human has all the power they need to achieve any worthy ideal. He guides them through practical implementations to reach powerful mindsets through FOCUS.

Seasoned Business Executive

Cap. Khalid has extensive expertise in founding, funding, operating, and marketing businesses of different sizes from various industries. He brings all his first-hand knowledge of growing publically-held as well as startup businesses to the venue.

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