Numbers will follow. Always

Throughout my career I focused on the one most important goal everyone aims at when running any business: making more money.

Obviously it is a legitimate goal, one that is a necessity for prosperity, better living standards and overall growth. However, after many years and a multitude of ups and downs, it became so vividly clear that chasing money is a hollow aim, one that made me pursue an undefined goal in life because there was no specific end number to it, and even if there was one it kept on changing, exactly as I was, only without a specific aim.

Then it hit me. Living for the service of others is not a cliche. It is actually as unclear a goal to have but it gave me satisfaction like no other. At first the idea, although I consider myself as a helpful person, felt like a looser’s last resort. However, after focusing on building a business that really revolve around best customer care practice, it dawned on me that really and purposefully helping people through service provision does bring about huge rewards, emotional and financial, and guess what: Numbers did follow.

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