Defining a clear, specific, and measurable problem statement is Crucial

Neglecting the importance of a clear problem statement can cascade issues throughout an ML project. From wasted resources to models that don't deliver value, the repercussions can be significant, underscoring the need to prioritize this foundational step.

Competitive Data Scientists realize the intricacy of evaluating the initial inputs from business processes to gathered datasets in order to improve the success factors of the final output.

"We Start with the End in Mind"

What our PoC Is

Our Proof of Concept or PoC is:

  1. Validation tool demonstrating the feasiability of the main concept
  2. Limited Scope for testing specific process or aspect for validation
  3. Resource-Efficient requiring much less resources than full fledged implementation
  4. Temporary and can not be scaled using the limited structure
  5. Decision making tool to aid clients in making sound decisions

What our PoC Isn't

Our Proof of Concept or PoC isn’t:

  1. Not a Prototype, only for validating the main idea
  2. Not a Product that represents the ull functonality of our AI Tool
  3. Not a Final Validation and is open for iterations and fine tuning
  4. Not a Business Model but demonstrates the technival viability
  5. Not a Long-Term solution and to be dicarded after testing
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