A Dip is a Prerequisite for getting out of Good Enough

So I went through life getting all I wanted but not necessarily what my highest potential is, basically getting the Good Enough living standard, but all the while was longing for a much better potential I felt deep in my gut.

Just recently, things turned south to less than good enough and I kept coping with this sudden yet seems only temporary situation, only to see it worsen to levels never experimnted by myself before.

If I am being completely frank, I shall point out that I started questioning why this was happening to me, even though during the few downturns that happened before, I got bailed out of very swiftly and with almost a negligible amount of worry from my side. Why is it so different this time?

This adverse situation kept deteriorating for the past year or so and I kept searching for the answer to why it was the way it was. Finally, I saw myself this morning sitting down and writing all the bad situations along with their accompanying beliefs to try and find out the disbeliefs that may counter act the debilitating beliefs, untill I suddenly found my hand writing almost by itself the real why things are the way they are, and here is what my hand wrote:

This self transformation path is a prerequisite for reaching my highest potential. In order to start feeling my highest potential now ahead of its manifestation, I had to break away from good enough living, and to do that I had to go through a transitory phase to get molded off of good enough and into an expansionary trajectory. Because I need to get out of good enough, only a worsening situation could do the job, otherwise a little better than good enough would only further facilitate resorting to and getting stuck in being good enough for life.

Therefore the spiral downward path was and is for getting me out of Good Enough and into the potential I always longed for.

Most of us, starting with myself here, are ready for miracles in our lives but we rarely if not never are ready for the situations that precede miracles which are inevitably tough adverse situations.

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