ONE SIMPLE PATH to Reach ANY Goal,,,,

Everyone has many unnamed goals and others with names but no action behind them. This is the story of EVERY HUMAN that ever walked on this earth. However, very few, some 1% of mastered the art of achieving goals. Yes art, for if it was science, everyone would have learned it and ALL goals would have been achieved.

I am no exception. I had my way more than fair share of upsets and disappoinments in deciding on goals and trying disapponitingly to reach them. I lost countless hours, days, months and years, strategizing then drafting carefully quantified goals with very clear KPIs, only to see them unattained almost 95% of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I did achieve high monetary as well as professional results, but no where near what I had envisioned myself making and reaching. So I started questioning, relying on my many years running corporate houses and founding startups, how could I develop ONE simple yet wholistic path that can help in attaining absolutely ANY goal. So I did. And this is it, after many tests with clients from various industries with varying points in time within their entrepreneurial paths.

Starting from the far left is point “Zero”, the starting point, I cut the whole path into two halves, an upper half representing the opportunity cost which is really the sacrifice, while the lower half represents the opportunity gains which is the achievement.

On the far right is the finish line or achieving the intended goal. This is the point that should be FOCUSED on all along the goal path. It is extremely important to be as clear and precise as possible in naming the goal outcome. Plotting the expected sacrifices and gains is the most important task to have a fully realized path ahead of time and to address and workout any obstacles ahead of time, thereby developing a comfort zone for discomforts. If there is one thing that blocks oxygen from humans trying to attain their highest self it’s discomfort.

There are ALWAYS two main outcomes derived from efforts to reaching any goal, a pragmatic KPI and an aligned human character. Whether or not the KPI is reached is only secondary to the grinded and bolstered human character that can reconfigure any goal reaching path to attain the intended result. It is the improved character then that every goal seeker should seek.

The most interesting point here is the “You Must Behave as if you have it now” attitude which stems out of abundance, not lack. Trust me I have gone through a zillion videos and material about how to live in abundance and how that is possible, despite your reality. Obviously, only people who lack what they want need to feel the abundance, an oxymoron. Here it is: One can not have the pragmatic (physical, monetary) goal outcome till one receives it. On the other hand, can one behave in a very short while in such a way to embody the character that is needed to achieve the goal? Short answer: YES, absolutely. And this is the way meant in behaving as if.

Everyone’s journey is very different from everyone else. Everyone’s point in their journey is different from any other point in time. However, one common denominator for all is that they like to deal with certainty and fret when things slide lower. So, the following graph explains why MOST people don’t stay the long haul through their goal achievement path.

The sacrifices start early on and the gains start appearing on later in time, without a precise time schedule on when they will appear. And we wonder why only 1% of people on earth make it BIG. Let me tell you what they ARE NOT: they are not more intelligent, they are not luckier, they are not richer, they are not bolder, they are not stronger. Now let me tell you what THEY ARE: They learnt to make friends with discomfort. If there is one advise I can give you to start becoming the 10X version of yourself TODAY, it is to look for discomforts and dive right into them. I guarantee you, only 30 days of doing WHATEVER kind of discomfort will create a resilient character for you.

At K.A. Consultants we help many clients achieve their loftiest goals in the shortest time possible, by guiding them in creating non scientific approaches to reach very scientific outcomes. Putting the cart before the horse.

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